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What is paint protection film?

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Rock chips are inevitable without paint protection. Our paint protection film prevents rock chips and heals itself! Get a quote to protect your paint before it’s too late!

New Vehicle Paint Protection

PPF (Paint Protection Film) is perfect for new vehicles because it will preserve the “new look” for years while protecting it from abrasion & rockchips.

Performance Car Paint Protection

Wrapping your performance car with clear bra aka PPF will give you peace of mind while you drive your performance car the way it’s meant to be driven (Petal to The Metal)! 

3 Simple Paint Protection film Options

Paint Protection Film Packages

The prices Listed Below are Starting Prices For Cars/Sedans. Pricing may vary based on your vehicle’s size & intricacy of installation.


A full front paint protection film wrap is ideal for anyone who wants to provide comprehensive protection to the vulnerable areas of their vehicle’s front end.


A track package paint protection film package is specifically designed for car enthusiasts who frequently participate in track days or high-performance driving events.


A full body wrap paint protection film (PPF) is suitable for car owners who want comprehensive protection for their entire vehicle, ensuring that every painted surface is shielded from potential damage. Especially beneficial for Tesla and electric vehicle owners, as PPF can protect against potential paint damage due to soft factory clear coats.


Tesla Paint Protection Film & Window Tinting Experts

Did you know that your Tesla has one of the softest clear coats on the market*? That makes it more likely to get swirls, rock chips, & other major defects. Our Tesla Specialists will make sure you have peace of mind when driving through even the harshest roads.



“We recently moved from Cali and were looking for a quality car wash. We got the Mini Detail package and it was fantastic! They fit me in, even when there was a car show going on at the fairgrounds and most of the shop was gone. They had just finished a tint job that looked gorgeous! I wish I remembered the guy’s name that did our car, he was great and super knowledgeable when I asked about the other services they offered. Everyone was friendly and my Charger was sparkling clean inside and out. My husband was impressed when I came home. We will definitely be back for window tinting and a clay bar treatment.”

Marcy L.

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